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The Ballad Of The Rose Trilogy - Poem by Rey Benipayo

1st Ballad


I will never forget that summer
that summer I fall in love for the first time
it happened after my college graduation
i decided to take a vacation in a mountain
to my aunt's house where i was born.

The first time I saw her, it was in the church
she's so beautiful like an actress I admire
i never stop to glace at her every moment
my heart never stop to beat fast
after that day that i never thought

That I would see her for the second time
in the barangay where i live
in store, where i bought something
as i glance at her, she's mysterious
like Mona Lisa, so i never let her away

Ask her name, her name is Irma
I invite her to dance tonight
a dance to the barangay's fiesta
at first she refuse but i convince her
she agree then she smile at me.

In the eve of the fiesta, the moon is full
I grab her hands, she follow me
i never thought she will dance with grace
as we dance she talk to me,
she no longer mysterious to me

As the dance ends, under moon's light
we went to a solitary place
I never thought this would happen
everything happens so past
we kiss then lay down in a grass

As I enter inside of her, she smile,
the great pain I feel, she stand,
the blood flows, I lose my p***s
it fall in front of me as she opens hers
she look at me and she said,

' Your an idiot, you deserve this
by the way, everything I said to you is lie
i don't live here, i live in hell! '
she laugh i saw here leave
i bathe in blood, i loose my consciousness.

As I wake up, I am in the hospital
I thought it's just a nightmare
but it's true, i have no p***s anymore
as I get better, they ask me, i lie to them
the truth is embarrassing so

It has been a years from now,
I never heard of her again
I am older, I never been married,
I will never ever forget that summer
that summer i fall with a rose with thrones!

2nd Ballad



I just want to thank you!
Thank you being my best friend through all these years.
For being my wife, for loving me all these time.
My love, my heart beat is right...
You are my forevermore.

Remember that first time we meet?
We were young at that time.
How could i forget it was our high school days.
It was in the school canteen
You left your book and I run after you
I never knew the woman I am looking for
Is the most beautiful woman in the campus.
The woman every man could fall in love.

So we became friends and the right time comes,
I tell you the truth, we became lovers
And the day I proposed you...remember that day?
I gave you the sweet red rose,
And I said ' My beautiful Janna, will you marry me? '
I thought I get busted then you said 'Yes.'
I am the happiest man in the world.

My dearest wife, all these years
Though our marriage is not perfect,
You make me happy, you inspire me
Your the best mother to our children
I love you so much.

Janna, as I am writing this letter,
I could not stop to cry
The doctor told me I have Alzheimer's Disease
I know soon will never remember you anymore.
Please don't be sad my love, don't cry on me

Do you remember your favorite book?
I brought for you for the last time
I put it on beneath your cabinet
When you see it, please turn to page 80
Then you'll see the sweet red rose
A rose just like I gave you the day I proposed you

My dearest wife, I love you
One day I will no longer remember you
Please my love, do not sad
Embrace the book I gave you for the last time
And do always remember the rose.

I loved you now... I will love you forever!
Farewell my love... farewell...


3rd Ballad

A Love at the End of the World

It is 3: 00 in the afternoon here in Embarcadero
I am still waiting for her come...
I miss her so much, it's been 4 years from now since then
while I am waiting for her, i wanna tell you a story
a story of my life when I was in college

I am lonely man living in a lonely world
Until the time I board to Daraga to focus to my study
I never know my life change forever
I remember one time I am alone up the rooftop
She come there crying, she's drunk
I try to talk to her she replied
Her name is Rose, she's one of my boardmate...
One of my classmate at school
the first time i saw though it's
my heat beats fast, it telling me she's the one...
we became friends until the 4th year
never dared to her the felling inside
until the before gradation I date her
we watched romantic movie and we went to Embarcade
I tell her the truth, she was surprise
she replied, ' If you could wait 4 years then we will be.
Maybe that year, all my dreams already fullfill.'
then I replied, 'I will wait for you. After 4 years here in this place...
At 4: 00 in the afternoon, promise me you would come'
She smile then said, 'Promise.'

It's 4: 15 in the afternoon, I am still waiting for her
now I am hearing someone calling behind my back
I turn around, i see it, i was surprise...
It's her... but she's different now...
she's very, very, very much fat
oh, i hope turn back the clock right now,
but still i am gonna propose to her right
i am already 50 years old... i dont wanna get extinct.

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