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To My Fellow Graduates

The time has come
And every now and then
Let us prepare our selves
For the chapter’s end
On last days of March
The rites will soon come
Let us smile for gladness
At last, we make it to the line
Did you hear the sound?
The clock starts ticking fast
Every bit of seconds, counts
So I advice, we must
Do everything we want
For this may happens once
Let us be with our friends
Reminisce our past
Let’s say thank you to our teachers
For they gave us knowledge
And reconcile with our enemies
For without it, everything is incomplete
Let’s make ...

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A Thirst For Revenge

seek not on revenge
for it can be sweeter
at your first bite
sooner it will be enough
it will taste so bitter.
revenge is not a justice
to whatever bothers you
it is also not a weapon
to end a war
to close the closing door.
revenge is so violence
it can kill everyone
let the hands of karma
to be the judge.