Sangay Smith

The Beat Of My Heart - Poem by Sangay Smith

Ba’ boom ba’ boom goes the beat of my heart.
The whisper of my name gives me a start.
Your words caress my earnest soul.
This anticipation, on my mind takes a toll.
Awaiting the kiss, your enticing lips could deliver.
The thought alone makes my body quiver.
Awaiting the touch, promised by the sensual words you whispered in my ear.
My body at first denying what my soul accepted without a care.
Having my touch is all you ask.
To do so is an oh so pleasant task.
My body ravaged and left in shock.
Playing me so sweetly as if creating a concerto like Bach.
The essence of me flowing from my body with just a mere touch.
Letting you know that I want you so much.
The taste of you I can’t wait to have pass my lips.
The rhythm of your soul, moving with my hips.
The pain of the waiting, the want to fulfill my inner need.
What my mind says, my body refuses to heed.
My mind engulfed with thoughts of you.
A touch here, a caress there, all the gratifying things you do.
Within my grasp these enchanting pleasures lay.
To bury your shaft in at the break of each day.
So tantalizing your touch, my bones melt away.
Forming the position in which you wish me to stay.
Ba’ boom Ba’ boom goes the beat of my heart.
My womb your herculean thrust threatens to rip apart.
As your lips stimulate the tips of my mounds.
Your blessed phallus continues its pounds.
“Oh me, Oh my, please don’t stop, ” my soul cries.
My body knowing what I could not see with my eyes.
We were meant for this, you and I.
This I can no longer deny.
With you near, I am at a loss.
To get to you the dead sea I would cross.
Loving me completely, my body begs for release.
As I reach my peak, my soul finally at peace.
I wonder if this need will ever end.
If to my body you will always tend.
Taking me higher than any before.
Drilling into my very core.
Ba’ boom Ba’ boom goes the beat of my heart
Around the world we went and now we are back at the start.

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Poem Submitted: Friday, March 28, 2008

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