The Beginning Of Beauty Poem by Denis Martindale

The Beginning Of Beauty

When rain begins its cold descent from storm clouds up above,
Sometimes such weather can prevent its form we may not love...
So pure white snowflakes come each year in Winters oh so bleak,
Such that new patterns can appear within each one unique...

When butterflies flit to and fro, their wings can make us smile,
Yet from the chrysalis we know, such things display no style.
It's only when these wings have grown, to reach their proper size
That outstetched beauty can be shown by grace that God supplies.

A baby boy may not look cute, drawn from his mother's womb...
With eyes of faith, let's be astute, beyond what thoughts assume.
God sees our lives from start to end, our destinies well known.
Lord Jesus is the Sinner's Friend... No need to live alone.

The Lord who died once shed His Blood... No beauty at that time.
And yet He's called the Lamb Of God, His sacrifice sublime.
His glory now transcends the sun, His light forever shines...
There's beauty in what Christ has done, if we but heed God's signs.

Denis Martindale, copyright, June 2011.

The poem is based on watching several shows
on Revelation TV which show how God has
declared His Son as being the perfect pardon
for the sins of Mankind. The Gospel is being
shared worldwide to explain God's prophecies
and how Jesus is the Messiah called Yeshua.
The Revelation TV website has several shows
available, plus the Watch Now Internet view.

More info here: revelationtv-dot-com

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