The Bench Poem by Stephanie Starr

The Bench

Rating: 5.0

I am waiting on a bench in a place I know well
Like the creases in your smile, this is where we dwell
I met you here, I was on the rich, green grass
How much has happened, our time passing like an hourglass

You were over there, running with power and care
Your mind so focused on getting somewhere, getting there
A touch to the left and your foot grazed over mine
A connection that sent a shiver through your spine

But more than that, it made you fall
Your pace was ruined, shattered and small
I was soon by your side, seeing if you were okay
Your pain brought us together that day

I am waiting on a bench for you to arrive
I look around, and see that the place isn’t alive
There are changes, imperfections, I never saw
There are scratches on the bench that look like claws

I keep waiting on a bench for you to come
But you do not show, and all at once I feel dum
How did I not feel how prickly the grass was under my fingers
Or see that the lively green color was so fake and never lingered

All at once I see you, and with such form
Gaining confidence like a storm
And all at once I do not know you, and you do not know me
No recognition in your eyes, and I ask myself, were we ever meant to be?

I can see right through your figure, a clear glass door
There is nothing on the inside, no one there anymore
I wonder if there ever was, if I just didn’t look closer at your soul
What was that goal you saw in the distance? An empty space, all lonely and cold.

Tobias Caldicott 04 August 2009

Love is the one thing so little of us experiance, be priverlaged to experiance it, but do not dwell in the past, no matter what we shall always love the ones we wright about. Superb tobii

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