The Impossible Poem by Stephanie Starr

The Impossible

Don’t tell me I can’t, cause I will.
Don’t tell me I should, cause I’m still.
Don’t be there for me, even when I asked.
Who do you think you are? Oh ya. That was fast.

You’re the boss.
You’re the “great” one.
I should listen to you, right?
Because you know better, and I’m the lesser
But you don’t know squat
When it comes to the impossible.

Okay. I’ll give you this much. You are older.
So that makes me weaker and you bolder.
It gives you the right to tell me what my future will bring.
What tunes I should play, what songs I can sing.
But guess what? Just cause you lived through the past
Doesn’t mean the future will be the same, the same flag on the same mast.
You don’t see what I want of my life, only what you want of mine
Those are the rules you want to play by? Okay. I can deal. That’s fine.

Just letting you know
That if those are the rules
I’m gonna be using my own tools.
I can’t stand by and let you pick apart my fire.
Just because you’re in my way won’t stop my desire
Because you don’t know squat
When it comes to the impossible.

That guy over there? Oh yes. You know him.
Filled with fury and sarcasm to the brim.
If your memory has not fled from you, you know he’s my boyfriend.
But last night we made promises of gold bands and love forever, till the end.
I told you I would not let you tinker with my world and here is the proof.
And if you had listened to me, my bags would not be packed, pulling this spoof.

I told you. I told you.
I told you every hour, every day.
But did your ears obey? Nay!
I will soon be gone, far, far away
And you’ll wish you had let me be, let me stay.
If you had just done one thing my way….
But no. you wouldn’t listen. So just stay away.
What did I always tell you? What did I say?
Oh yes. I remember….
You don’t know squat
When it comes to the impossible.

Yes, you don’t know squat
When it comes to the impossible.

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