The Birth Of Cynics.. Poem by Veeraiyah Subbulakshmi

The Birth Of Cynics..

They are tired of this time travel,
And every second they get older,
When the first wings fluttered,
It was very nice to hear the roar,

And the murmur. The fully grown,
Feathers shelter multiple colored,
Forerunners to be the cheerleaders,
While they are pushed aside as the spectators,

Who suddenly change into a horrible cynic,
Complaining all happenings loud and visible,
Not chosen to wear the ear plug and eyepiece,
What youngsters do are beyond their culture,

Beyond their years battered issues,
Neither these cynics are pessimistic,
Nor the optimists, but missed their young years,
Which they had ‘wastefully' spent to rear the broods,

And stolen are those energetic years, when,
They are alone after discharged from the duties,
Not able to look into the eyes of each other,
They have become the friends as well as foes in a row,

Looking at every mistake which is suddenly obvious,
Once upon a time, those were too trivial to address,
The journey on earth is very unpredictable,
Because the opposites attract without fail,

The Youth and the unavailability of time,
The old age and the availability of time,
Perfectly matched and the young and old are baptized,
as the nagging cynics of the imperfect world.

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