Veeraiyah Subbulakshmi

Veeraiyah Subbulakshmi Poems

1. We Will Be Left Alone 12/19/2011
2. Going Out For A Picnic 12/20/2011
3. When I Fail To See 12/20/2011
4. Let Me Remove The Obstacles For You To Climb.. 12/22/2011
5. Stand Against The Evil 12/23/2011
6. A Fresh Graduate With A Scholar Tag 12/23/2011
7. Happy Birthday To You. 12/25/2011
8. Demo Crazy. We Are Fools.. 1/1/2012
9. Are They Invisible? 1/30/2012
10. Million Years Later... 1/30/2012
11. Noiceless Voice... 1/30/2012
12. Forgiveness 1/30/2012
13. Don't Kiss! 1/31/2012
14. Peace Is Everywhere 2/1/2012
15. Give Me Your Hand.. 2/1/2012
16. A Gem In Us 2/2/2012
17. Flooding 2/3/2012
18. Emotion Is Our Slave.. 2/3/2012
19. Bills To Pay And The Money Lenders 2/3/2012
20. We Salute You, Appa @ Daddy. 2/4/2012
21. I Would Not Have Done, If I Knew It Earlier.. 2/11/2012
22. Our Unique Way Of Living. 2/12/2012
23. Let Us Thank Our Gods.. 2/12/2012
24. I Do Not Want To Be Sick.. 2/12/2012
25. Please, Trust Me.. 2/12/2012
26. Let Us Say Cheers! ! ! 2/13/2012
27. Lovely Life In A Garden. 2/13/2012
28. The Men And The Women Of The World 2/13/2012
29. Just Alone On This Day! 2/14/2012
30. At Marina Beach, Chennai.. 2/14/2012
31. Theory Of Relativity 2/14/2012
32. Have Desire To Have 2/16/2012
33. Earth Whispers 2/16/2012
34. Toss And Grab 1, 2/16/2012
35. Smiling Culture 2/17/2012
36. Parental Love 2/17/2012
37. Broken Mould. 2/7/2012
38. Hip Dance 2/8/2012
39. Prosperous Immigrants.. 2/8/2012
40. The New Way Of Swindling.. 2/8/2012
Best Poem of Veeraiyah Subbulakshmi

Money And Humanity..

Thousands of years of life,
In the small huts beside the rivers,
The rain has no power,
The wind has no power,
The sun has no power,
The flood has no power,
The drought has no power,
To destroy our bonds,
The waves from the west,
Carrying the seeds of their culture,
Spreading fast in our lands,
Let us hold our hands strong,
To weed them out to save our bonds,
Of love in our hearts,
We have survived all those calamities,
That came from the East,
Though we sacrificed a few siblings,
This wave is very strong,
Come on boys and...

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When I Fail To See

When I fail to SEE the suffering of people,
Do not call me a visually impaired,
But call me a blind.

When I ignore the agony of hard labor,
Do not call me a physically handicapped,
But call me a crippled.

When I am inaudible to the cries of help,

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