The Blonde Haired Woman With Green Eyes Poem by Randy McClave

The Blonde Haired Woman With Green Eyes

If the devil can't ever reach you
Wanting you to do the things that he would do,
Wanting you to lie and cheat while being your guide
Remember then, he is happily walking at your side.
The Devil will try to get ahold of you some other way
As he too listens to you as you do pray,
And of course he will always look the same
And he knows how to play every cheating or lying game.
But, you say that you know the looks of Satan
As you have seen him many times looking and waitin',
So, you say you know what you would be looking for
If the Devil ever comes knocking at your door.
You say that you know how the Devil is a very evil being
And how sin and deception is all that he is seeing,
And all that he wants to do is to use and abuse and hurt
No matter if you're wearing pants, or a skirt.
But, to all I must say this, be cautious and very wary
Who knows the Devil's plans or where he might tarry,
Soon, he won't need to change his disguise
Soon, he will send a blonde haired woman with green eyes.

Randy L. McClave


Randy McClave

Ashland, Kentucky
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