The Boy With The Lovely Dimples Poem by John Randal

The Boy With The Lovely Dimples

Robert was a lonely boy
who had such lovely dimples,
but when he turned to smile at you
all you saw were pimples!

A pimple here, a pimple there
pimples everywhere,
One hundred on his cheeks and chin
Five hundred on his rear!

So Robert was unhappy,
He couldn’t live life this way
so he went to see his doctor
but I knew just what he’d say -

“ Robert!

Your friend told me your secret!
Please tell me it’s a lie!
You'l break your mother's heart in two
if your pimples make you die!
So before you go and get a gun,
come sit yourself right here,
and I’l give you my assessment
that will calm your greatest fears.-

NOW, your skin looks really healthy
though its turned a shade of gray,
your pimples line up nicely
so they really look ok
But before you go to sleep each nite
put on this special cream,
and make sure you close those windows tight
because in the morning you will scream.
And in 2 weeks come back to me
I’l take a look at you
and if it doesn’t look allright
Ive got some bullets too! .”

So Robert prayed each day and nite
for a miracle to pass,
He begged and prayed
and went to church
forgiveness he would ask

And 2 weeks later, when he came by
I couldn’t believe my eyes!
Robert’s skin was clear and bright
I almost died of fright!
And when I saw his doctor,
I gasped and my heart raced,
Every pimple on Robert’s ass
was on his doctor’s face!

And then I knew what Pinocchio knew,
the doctor sealed his fate,

when he told poor lonely Robert
that his pimples looked OK!

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