The Bridge Of Love Poem by Sai Saketh Ram

The Bridge Of Love

Its sunrise,
And the bridge of love glitters
As the first of the sunrays
Fall on its slender fetters.

A bridge that connects,
Not two places but two hearts
And in the cool autumn breeze
The wait for my love starts.

I remember waiting for her,
Every time at the break of day
But, now I’m not here to stare,
But to tell why, I see her every day.

As she walks down the bridge of love
Showered by the petals of cheerybloosom,
To my eyes she was an angel and now,
I could hear the beat of my heart hum.

Not long into the song of love,
I was struck by her featherly fragrance,
And into this world I was back,
She stood before me, I felt her eminence.

I tried to find words,
My feelings to tell her
But looking at her I couldn’t,
So i smiled, and i thought i was clever

Finally, i picked my courage
To tell her how i felt,
But, with a crooked smile, she said,
I was not worthy, and I could feel my heart melt.

For the first time i saw her as a devil,
And there was water, it was rain,
God had already sent for me,
To cover my tears and my pain

So, I sat at the bridge of love,
Until dusk, until the moon rose,
And i knew that the chapter of love,
In my life had come to a close.

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