Sai Saketh Ram Poems

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Nothing Is Forever

Everything we see
Everything we feel to be
Looks like will last forever
Every place we look

In A Wait...

For once i thought, i was
Like a lonely shell on shore, without you.
but even this distance,
Between us makes me happy too.


In search for the meaning of life
I found you,
From then on, u've given me so much
And I’m in forever your due.

Because, I Love You

I hope I just had a dream,
But I don't see any stars.
And I wish that

Under The Same Sky

Being a part of our society, some times we ask ourselves questions
questions for which the answers lie in the same heart as the one which
asked them.

I Can Never Tell...

Is it this moment or is it all the time?
that whenever i look at you.
I go outta my mind.
what for is this distance, have i done any crime?

In Love With An Angel...

I closed my eyes, maybe to dream of love,
But the wind withers my lies, maybe it'll come true now.
I opened my teared eyes, and looked at the blue sky,
as a small white feather fell, I saw an angel fly.


I wake up early, and all i feel is jealousy.
You want to know why?
let me tell you my heart's cry.
I'm Jealous,

I'M In Love...

Every time, i look at the mirror,
I see you.
You've changed everything about me,
Everything i knew.

We Are The World #1

There was a time,
when i believed i'd see a change.
Buy, today i find nothing,
and the world feels more strange.

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