In Love With An Angel... Poem by Sai Saketh Ram

In Love With An Angel...

I closed my eyes, maybe to dream of love,
But the wind withers my lies, maybe it'll come true now.
I opened my teared eyes, and looked at the blue sky,
as a small white feather fell, I saw an angel fly.
She looked upon me, as i stared at her,
and i opened to her my arms,
She glided onto them, to hold her,
with a look, very calm.
As i held her, I could feel her weight,
it was feather light.
And all i did was look at her,
Everything else was off my sight.
We stood there, looking at each other,
It was like i knew her from forever.
All i saw, where her caring eyes,
and It was like a flight on The Zephyr.
She held my hands,
and we began to fly.
As my heart skipped a beat,
I was lifted off my feet.
Into the clouds, she took me,
Its was a beautiful heaven i could see.
She took me the place of her Harp,
and she sang to me, the song of love.
As she looked at me,
I could hear the ring of a bell,
and i knew it then and there,
I was In love with an Angel...

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