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Everything we see
Everything we feel to be
Looks like will last forever
Every place we look

For once i thought, i was
Like a lonely shell on shore, without you.
but even this distance,
Between us makes me happy too.

In search for the meaning of life
I found you,
From then on, u've given me so much
And I’m in forever your due.

I hope I just had a dream,
But I don't see any stars.
And I wish that

Being a part of our society, some times we ask ourselves questions
questions for which the answers lie in the same heart as the one which
asked them.

Is it this moment or is it all the time?
that whenever i look at you.
I go outta my mind.
what for is this distance, have i done any crime?

I closed my eyes, maybe to dream of love,
But the wind withers my lies, maybe it'll come true now.
I opened my teared eyes, and looked at the blue sky,
as a small white feather fell, I saw an angel fly.

I wake up early, and all i feel is jealousy.
You want to know why?
let me tell you my heart's cry.
I'm Jealous,

Every time, i look at the mirror,
I see you.
You've changed everything about me,
Everything i knew.

There was a time,
when i believed i'd see a change.
Buy, today i find nothing,
and the world feels more strange.

Look at the sky,
Why do you look so down?
Maybe you’ll see a falling star,
And make a wish your own.

Desolate, I may be,
Forsaken, on this barren ground,
Where none, gave me a place to stand.
Unworthy, they may see in me,

Every night
It’s all about you I’m dreaming
You are
Truly, what I’m becoming.

Maybe I have told you,
Maybe I have not.
That seeing you, Is happiness
That all I ever got.

when u left me and went
i did not realize the message that you sent

i thought it was just a small fight

Oh no!
i think i missed my date
but i won't lose hope
because its never too late

In life it's important
to learn lessons
Unforgettable ones
of many reasons

Its sunrise,
And the bridge of love glitters
As the first of the sunrays
Fall on its slender fetters.

In every step we take,
we might make a mistake
but, we don't stop
we just have to hope

Even now
when i think of you,
its just a dream,
but i feel its true.

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I am writer in progress.As far as i am concerned i everyday, every moment keep learning something new about myself. Its is so, that maybe the next time you look here. You may find it different from before.I'm a engineering student(Aeronautical engineering) in bangalore and poetry has become a passion to me today.It's a part of me.I write about everything though i have posted only few.I thank all those who have read my poetry and about me.Cause what more does a writer want than readers..?)

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Nothing Is Forever

Everything we see
Everything we feel to be
Looks like will last forever
Every place we look
And every picture we took
Only tells us to remember.

That nothing is forever,
And what seems to be together.
Will fall apart one or the other day,
Everyone will face it, no one can run away.

The liveliness of the beautiful world,
The smile on the face of pretty young girl,
And all this love that makes us one.
The promises and the given words,
The soothing song of the forest birds.
And even the change that has begun.

Nothing is forever,
Knowing, don’t make us any clever.
That even a memory will shade,
The sadness of losing will fade.
Leaving us to never say ever,
Believing that Nothing is Forever.....

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