Denis Martindale

The Calligrapher Speakonia Text Version - Poem by Denis Martindale

Sat down upon a comfy chair,
The writing tools at hand,
The coming journey oh so fair,
That few could understand.
For patience proves the precious key,
Meticulous design,
Beyond the pure calligraphy,
Each letter on each line.

Sometimes upon a scroll or frame,
Presented to a friend,
Or just the writing of a name,
For some award to send.
Or matching illustrations done,
So delicate so sweet,
With discipline despite the fun,
Till everything's complete.

With swirling letters capitals,
Some foreign symbols too,
Creating wondrous miracles
For everyone to view.
The sense of pride, the thankful heart,
Perhaps to shed a tear,
The time well spent perfecting art,
The grin from ear-to-ear.

Then teaching others what works well,
Observing what they learn,
As they fall neath the writing spell,
And to it, they return.
To match the teacher's skills at last,
Their children to impress,
Such that they'll never be down cast,
Now they found happiness.

Denis Martindale, copyright,

September 2000 and 13.

This is the text version meant for a different
setup using the text-to-speech program called
Speakonia, using the properties section to
adjust the voice, pitch, speed and volume such as
robosoft 3, pitch 45, speed 5, volume 60 and
text can be saved as a wav file, yet the text is
slightly different to the original which uses
commas rather than dashes and full stops instead
of dot dot dot pauses.

Some phrases sound better without some commas
and maybe a few words could be split e g
they found rather than they've found and
happy ness rather than happiness.

If the copyboard is set then a highlighted text,
then the COPY action will immediately speak
that text according to the speech properties
such as I suggested.

The VLC Lan program works with the wav file
based on its file association and that program,
or try another sound playback program instead.

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