The Choice Poem by Nadia Gray

The Choice

Rating: 4.3

I look back and realize this:
Perhaps I did you wrong...
Perhaps I had crossed the line...
Perhaps I'd come on too strong.

Either way, I feel the pain.
I cry these same old tears.
I hoped it would all get better...
But instead I've realized my fears...

At last the time has come,
I've hurt you far too deep.
It hurts me every single day
Sometimes I cannot sleep.

For all the things in the world
That were so close to me,
You were amongst the strongest
Of the things that set me free.

Only mere words escape from my mouth.
They mean nothing to your closed ears.
No matter how much I say I'm sorry,
You've only caused me more tears.

So explain to me why I can't let you go.
You said that we were one.
So cast me aside,
and I'll break your bones.
Because, to me, we are finally done.

So disown me,
Degrade me,
And break my lonesome heart.
It really doesn't really matter
When you've already torn me apart.

It wont make me any more upset
If your angry, sad, or hurt,
For every time I plant a seed,
Because of you, a tree is burnt...

I'm your disease.
I'm your virus.
I'm deep inside your bones.

I'm your parasite.
I'm your plague.
I'm inside your chromosomes.

So I'll promise that this is the last time
That I'll give my heart to you.

So goodbye, my dear.
I've given up.
I've chosen to love me.
Not you...

Ying Escalona 19 July 2007

wow...lovely....You.... & Me...thanks dearie

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