The Chronicles Of A Dark Heart Part 23 For A Friend Poem by David Knox

The Chronicles Of A Dark Heart Part 23 For A Friend

How could I just let you walk by
When every day it just makes me feel like it's better to die
Than try and live without you
Live without the love your smile promises
Live without your tender kisses
Without the hope that you'll love me too
But my love for you is the greatest kind
The hardest love to find
My love, loved you enough to let you go, because I thought that was best
I loved you enough to let you go even when I loved more than all the rest
Loved you enough to mask my feelings and let you be with someone else
When they didn't even deserve you, I should have just let you see me
And maybe the way I feel because now you're gone and won't return
I'm the one who got the burn
I now see she didn't love you because she is quick to replace
Quick to find someone to take your place
When I'm still left here broken, but
There is no turning back
No reversing the past
So I cant help but mourn
That I allowed my heart to be torn
In two and in more pieces, suppressing my love for you, when it was futile
When now you're gone forever and I'm left in denial
Unable to accept the reality
Unable to believe I can still be me
Because I feel like a shadow of who I once was
You helped me to be that way
I choke back tears as I say
I loved you, because you're not here
You'll never call me your dear
I don't know how to stop missing you
There will never be anyone else like you
There seems like no hope, but maybe just maybe
But maybe I have been searching for something else all along

Azhien Salavaria 02 April 2010

thanks a lot... you helped me at ease...

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