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because i havent made myself lunch not yet
but no reason to fret
i know what i will make
it will be great

o star, how i love you
o star, won't you love me too
o star, you say who am i and i say am i but we both know who we are
o star, just as you know me i know you

can you see the boy here
do you see it my dear
cant you see this is me
i may look different not like i used to be

For some its simply stated
for some the truth is abated
by rhyme and the language of the rose
such people prefer prose

There is more to life,
everything isn't rife
with pain and suffering, we have a purpose, believe
Its already been Christmas eve,

How can i profess my love for you in just ten lines
when i could write a million rhymes
how can i say all that i feel
in so little space, i must fill the world with my love

I wrote this poem for you
Because you are really cool and beautiful too
I have never seen anyone play like you play
You literally left me speechless today

one look over the edge
closer then i thought! i feel like im in a wedge
of darkness no turning back now
one question comes to mind then how!

i need my friend
i need to kiss her
i need to hug her
i cannot fly without her

Not knowing is worse...
Where to run to...
to have no one to hold you tightly and console is this not a curse?
but as for me who

Just not fitting in
Where's those people?
Is there anyone like me?
Am I supposed to be like them?

Night or day
I dream of you
Dream of spending time with you too
Dream we decided to fall in love and that you'd always stay

the color blue is known to do
something strange to you
this time when i say you it is truly the reader
not the one who i love

love cna turn to hate
love can give way to jealously
love can be cruel
love can be sweet

It's a cry of desperation
Or maybe it's a whim of fate
It's an understanding of identity
Or maybe it's a touch of predestination

This is my generation
an abomination
to my God and morality
they blind their eyes in an attempt to not see

How could I just let you walk by
When every day it just makes me feel like it's better to die
Than try and live without you
Live without the love your smile promises

Life so fragile that one time
.... so long ago before i even had tasted a lime
when i thought i hated music and rhyme
i decided my whole future in one moment

...No you'll never be alone.
When darkness comes I’ll light the night with stars,
O fair lady gaze at my stars and they will sing for you their secret lullaby
Look at the stars and how they shine for you and everything that you do,

Help help I cry
no one cares why
they just pass me by
day after day

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I Love Ramen

because i havent made myself lunch not yet
but no reason to fret
i know what i will make
it will be great
o how i love this food
sometimes i eat and say o dude
its even better then cake
this food is no fake
it is the food that i like to eat
but it needs to cooked under much heat
this food is something you might not expect i dont know
but i think it is time to show
the great food i love RAMEN!

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Evaughn Gray 12 August 2007

David your a very talented writer...you write what you feel..i admire that.. and so much more..~your loving friend hazel

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