Believe Poem by David Knox


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There is more to life,
everything isn't rife
with pain and suffering, we have a purpose, believe
Its already been Christmas eve,
believe... in something greater!
Believe in the Lord God our Creator
why some ask?
to me its still a simple task
and i have my reason, this joy, new life, and purpose all
the fact that with him i do not fall
Believe for your own sake!
He gives generously, the Lord giveth and taketh away
but I have a speical joy! that no man nor creature may ever take
this joy does not simply last for a day
The Lord has blessed me with his joy, one that i cannot explain
one that no other man could copy or feign
a joy that people search their whole lives for....
trying any human activity, any pleasure anything to find looking i became sore
but now God has graciously given it to me asking almost nothing in return
He just asked me to believe, now i ask you,
that you might believe too
If you read any of my poems you'll see i WAS a suicidal kid
i wanted to take my life and i hid from
it, now i do not want to take my life i love being alive
i beg all of you believe it does not mattter of my good works or a chide
or rebuke of a brother Christianity is not rules!
Faith, Love, and Joy, that is what it is, and a Lord who chases away ghouls
and problems and helps me defeat sin, thats what my faith is!
my life is His
and Because of that pledge i go from suicidal to a feeling i cannot explain
even if i try its so wonderful words do not do it justice
so i simply ask you believe it is not your deeds that save you no ordain
ordained destiny for burn or for salvation no.... it is
John 14: 6 'I am the Way the truth and the light and no one gets to the Father except through me. Jesus declared.' This is why we celebrate Christmas
its for Him! so lets take this time to Believe
I know its not Christmas eve
its Christmas day
do not let this chance fly away
Please i ardently desire you to feel this Joy! God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit
are calling i beg that you answer but if nothing else feel the joy and love

Oenyar Cutest 18 February 2008

Sometimes... all we can do is just believe.. Because i believe.. the strongest human weapon is believing..

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Aine Ní Leidhin 27 December 2007

Yes David. People find strength in their beliefs and if those beliefs help them through life then that must be a wonderful thing. I can tell that you feel humble in your expedition and your write. Kind regards Aine

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David Knox

David Knox

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