A Translation Of Necesito Poem by David Knox

A Translation Of Necesito

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i need my friend
i need to kiss her
i need to hug her
i cannot fly without her
i cannot live without her
i need her if i want to live
because without her why should i live?

Anita Blake 21 June 2007

hey if you count on someone for your own happiness you will never have it for all ppl do is let you down they do not mean to at times but almost everyone in the workd puts themselves first. you have to learn to do that in order to survive. i'm still trying to learn how to do that lol. if you figure it out let me know lol. find sumthin that makes you happy, makes you whole, besides that girl for then once you do, make your happpiness grow and then see what she thinks of you. i used to live for someone else....um i guess i still live for others instead of myself lol so yah this is all just what i have been told and still remember so i am just passing it on lol

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Robert Knox 16 June 2007

David, you are a life that God has purposed to do great things. Maybe being in your situation makes you forget what you live for, but certainly you must now recall. I'm sure that you know, but how much you think about it is the question. You live, above all, for Jesus. You bought your life and paid for it with His blood. You aren't your own to live how you want anymore. You have told Him that you want to submit your life to Him, so that He can help you, change you, mold you, and make you into the man you are meant to be. Also, you live to for your future wife and I speak on her behalf. Someday you are going to wake up from this dream and realize again who you are. God will grace you with that, now you just to break free. Cheesy, but like the Matrix you have to realize that you are dreaming in order to wake up... I love you and hope that I am more important than a crush. If you don't have reason or question why you are alive, what are you to tell non-believers and what I am supposed to do without you?

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David Knox

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