The Clever Artist

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There was a famous king
Who lived in a palace big
He wanted to add another wing
For his coterie to have a rig.

The king built a big hall
Adjacent to his omega room
He called good artists all
To depict Nature in bloom.

He announced a formidable prize
For the great artist selected-
There arrived an artist with nice
Colorful paints and brushes- spread.

Another artist came to call
And requested the king
To allot him the opposite wall
For his super painting.

The king inquired of him
As to what way he’d transcend
And the artist replied with vim
That his painting would exactly portend

The art of the artist great
With every detail in place
With the same form he’d create
Without viewing the original to trace.

He wanted the king to allot
The space for him to try his art
The opposite wall of the art wrought
Was required by him to execute his lot.

More over, he wanted a thick curtain
Between the walls to be hung
So that he’d start his work certain
Without seeing the art far-flung.

The king his words couldn’t believe
But with surprise gave his consent.
Both the artists started to achieve
Their adornment with great intent.

After finish, on the final day
The gong of the bell was heard
The king to inspect came his way
And the first artist’s wall, neared.

To view the scenery beauteous
He was greatly fascinated
It was a true success
Hence was immensely elated.

Happily the prize money, he gifted
And to the other artist geared
The heavy curtain was lifted
And lo! A replica there appeared!

The king was flabbergasted
He couldn’t believe his own eyes
How could he have painted
A coincidental scenery, so nice?

He offered double the prize money
And inquired –how was it really possible
Without viewing the original scenery
To paint a similitude—on the wall, marble!

The artist proceeded to explain—
He had just polished and polished the wall
So well, with all his energy to drain
The wall now a Mirror, simply reflected all!

All were held in astonished stupor
At the artist’s trick –so very clever!


Inspired by a story forwarded to me by one of my poet friends
Geetha Jayakumar 24 July 2013

Amazing... Suspense followed till last.... Interesting poem...

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Valsa George 14 July 2013

Till the end I had no clue of what the second artist must have done! Like the king, all the readers must have been flabbergasted! A story of absorbing interest told in beautiful verse!

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A nice narration by a poet with command of words. I could not stop till I finished the last line. Thank you.

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