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Time flows
Like the perennial river
Time rides the crest
Of a wave in the sea

There're things
I don't understand
Birth, death and
All the suffering.

Love is tender
Love is soft
Love is cool
Love is calm.

As a boy
I always dreamed
How wonderful
It would be

If death comes to me
Reciting Your name
I'll feel elated
I've attained my salvation.

Measures of time need
Man's periodic intervention.

When sand's all down

Stars I gazed
In my dream
Myself growing
Larger and larger

Distant hills look
Smoother to the eye
It's all because of
Perspective effect.

I ran as fast as I could
To reach You
And You're hiding from me
Impossible to be found.

The best poem of a poet
Is the last one he says
Poems written before seem
To be forgotten entities

Birds raise curiosity
Among humans
Neighbors they're
Since time immemorial.

I went in search of
The stupidest person,
My search was all
In vain.

All the years
I hid my love
In the bank of truth
It's true.

War's never
Kind my friend
War's never

Gather a few friends
Describe a situation or a scene
And ask them to write about it
A few lines of their own.

How long do we
Remain in darkness?
Let's move into
Well lighted place

A poem's not
A black cat hiding
Under the bed
In a dark room.

Painter in me
Woke up one day
Wished to paint
The sky - the whole sky

My wait seems
To be endless
Many changes
Stealthily creeping.

Tirupathi Chandrupatla Biography

I thank my fellow poets for the many comments I received. The encouragement prompted me to increase the quantity and improve the quality of my poems over the past many years. The collection of poems resulted in several books now available from Amazon.com I express my deep gratitude and appreciation to PoemHunter.com for providing me the platform to let out my poetry.)

The Best Poem Of Tirupathi Chandrupatla

Time Knows Time

Time flows
Like the perennial river
Time rides the crest
Of a wave in the sea
Time's space
Its fourth dimension
Time's elastic
Keeps on bouncing
Time's a sponge
Absorbs all spills
Time sleeps
Time wakes up
Time walks
Time runs
Time races
Time stands still
Time flies fast
Time has past
Time has future
Time never stays in the present
Time creeps
Time ticks
Time tricks
Sometimes good
Sometimes bad
Time's night
Time's day
Time's dark
Time's bright
Time's heavy
Time's light
Time's easy
Time's hard
Time blinks like eye
Time beats like heart
Time makes
Yoktosecond large
Time turns
Exasecond too small
Time lets one fall
Time makes one rise
Time's magic
Time brings one to life
From nowhere
Time makes one vanish
In an instant
Time's all
That we know
Time's everything else
That we don't.

Tirupathi Chandrupatla Comments

Tirupathi Chandrupatla 15 February 2014

My sincere thanks to honorable poets Valsa George, Geetha Jayakumar, Ramesh Rai, Shahzia Batool, and Patricia Gantham for their comments about me as a poet. I am honored and humbled with your words of encouragement. Your comments mean a lot to me.

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Kevin Quero 10 March 2014

Thank you Tirupathi for your comments, I appreciate it and you give me inspiration.

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Valsa George 14 January 2014

The poet Tirupathi Chandrapatla is a popular presence on poemhunter. As a genuine human being of great humaneness and deep values, I admire this poet of simple and beautiful verse. His poems, devoid of great embellishments or ornate style, sink deep into our hearts with the lofty message they carry. He has hundreds of small, beautiful poems to his credit. The subjects for his poems are varied and his conclusions are based on long experience and close observation of everyday life. I wish him all the best in his poetic career!

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Geetha Jayakumar 22 December 2013

Poet Tirupathi Chandrupatia, one of the Respected and Talented poet. My words would be few or may not be sufficient enough to write a few lines on you and your poems. Your poems flows freely on variety of topics. It's really a valuable gift you are blessed with. Your many comments has inspired my writings. As you said in poets page is very true.. Your comments are a source of encouragement to me Really it motivates one to write and to know how much readers liked it. Thank you supporting me in this journey of poems. May you keep on contributing valuable poems to the poetic world. God Bless!

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Ann Nixon 12 November 2012

I like your poem our mission. It has a lot of creative literary to it.

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durkha sri 12 October 2020

so short and nice beatifull

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Lyn Paul 12 April 2020

How we need more respected Poets like yourself. You are always a Gentleman and your words and prayers are inspiring. Thank You.

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Kumarmani Mahakul 17 August 2019

Tirupathi Chandrupatla is a great devotional poet of international fame who writes poems in prayer form with much dedication and trust on God. We love his effort and adore his all works. When we read his poems we feel our inner cores. His poems motivate readers towards higher realm. His devotional and philosophical poems are definitely very nice and heart touching..

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Kumarmani Mahakul 02 October 2018

On behalf of all fellow poets, Poem Hunter Family and our Mahakul family we offer a title of honour to poet Tirupathi Chandrupatla as, Devotional Gratitude (भक्ति कृतज्ञता) . From today on-wards he will be known as Devotional Gratitude Tirupathi Chandrupatla. In Hindi he will be known as भक्ति कृतज्ञता तिरुपति चंद्रपतला. Hope all poets and visitors will like this. This title of honour is offered to him due to his perseverance and contribution to spiritual world literature.

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Akhtar Jawad 07 April 2018

Tirupathi Chandrupatta is a great thinker. His philosophic poems are like a beacon in the ocean of darkness.

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Tirupathi Chandrupatla Popularity

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