The Dance Of Lust Poem by Achilles Mauko

The Dance Of Lust

This lady with an hour¬-glass figure
And side swept bangs, hair loosely falling to her shoulder,
If, even for a moment takes to the dance floor,
Would make me boogie flow,
Till the wee hours of the morning glow,
To dance all my youthfulness and joblessness blows
For I want the dance of lust.

So tonight, with her, I will drink all my days’ hustle,
To refrain my brain from dreaming, air building castle
That someday I will be great if I only battle the struggle,
My fate is an inverted pyramid; it will not stand the angle,
Soon it will stumble, drop the mantle, and then awfully crumble,
So before the sparkle in my eyes, are by the gods laid humble,
Before I gracefully surrender my youthfulness, to outlive my usefulness
Let me, by this lady of my time, dance, this life’s sorrowfulness,
For I want the dance of lust

To her I will, willfully toss to the Caesars
And when the drinks finally finely hit us,
We sail in the ocean of delusion,
Save for a truckload of flirtation,
Glide smoothly to the hour’s romance
Pair up in a smooth sauntering dance
Hold it in a closed up arms
With plenty of wrap under arm turns,
Lose my heartbreaks to her magic feet,
And with the infectious accent on the upbeat,
Make rapid steps, long moves, stretching moves,
To make her stretch to the limits
Passion pouring out from every hit,
And with her suggestive leans
If it doesn’t stir my blood for real
Then nothing under the sun will
For this is the dance of lust.

And when floodlights fall in her eyes
She is such an elegant dose of beauty
And for once makes me forget the burnt bridges,
Makes me feel like I am at the end of my rainbow
With her I got tonight, I don’t need tomorrow,
I will just dance away all life’s pains sorrows,
And keep at bay all my past horrors,
To enchant this queen of my youth,
In her smile, I fall for her naturally rosy cheeks,
And in her blush, I steal a kiss from her heart shaped lips,
To fulfill all my fantasies and dreams,
Then the DJ makes the music slow
And all the lights goes down low
I lose it to the dance of lust.

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