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A Friend Forever, Jesus Christ

Though I am down and bear a frown
Because words of sword are always painful
And rejection is always sorrowful.

After The Storm Was Gone I Now Write This

Such loud thunders of a storm have now passed
But all of these things we've surely surpassed;
No storm or typhoon can break our strong bones,
No wind or force can destroy our firm homes.

I Will Not Need To Cheat

Revised with the help of Mr. Luke Easter:

I will not need to cheat on this or any test,
Very long hours of study to be by the best,

Daystar's Home

Is there a spot where the sun lays to rest
When brightness escapes into the night sky?
Is there a cradle the stars call their nest
Where they can leave the sadness that passed by?

Be Restored My Broken Pen

Seasons have passed and I wrote many things.
I’ve expressed and narrated my stories.
I never wasted my papers and ink.
Looking at my pages, you can prove it.

Obed dela Cruz Comments

Omar Ibrahim 15 July 2010

i like young poets when they write well.....goooooooo obed

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Lovita Morang 18 January 2010

make US ONE OF YOU AND WE WILL BE WITH Yore admirable human dadication salute to you superb

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Lovita Morang 18 January 2010

US ONE OF YOU AND WE WILL BE WITH You pure dedication

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Melanie Johnson 03 January 2010

Hey, Obed! ! ! I love your poems! I haven't read them all because you have many for me to read... That alone tells me you are great at this and that you live for this. I love your choice of words and your style. Keep up the good work! ! Your friend, Melanie

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Ency Bearis 20 August 2009

You have the potential for the heir of being like the great Francisco Balagtas...keep it up....

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