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Though I am down and bear a frown
Because words of sword are always painful
And rejection is always sorrowful.

Such loud thunders of a storm have now passed
But all of these things we've surely surpassed;
No storm or typhoon can break our strong bones,
No wind or force can destroy our firm homes.

Revised with the help of Mr. Luke Easter:

I will not need to cheat on this or any test,
Very long hours of study to be by the best,

Is there a spot where the sun lays to rest
When brightness escapes into the night sky?
Is there a cradle the stars call their nest
Where they can leave the sadness that passed by?

Now, it has been a long time
Since we’re together in a rhyme
Thinking of how we will use this lime
Because together, we are one mime.

Seasons have passed and I wrote many things.
I’ve expressed and narrated my stories.
I never wasted my papers and ink.
Looking at my pages, you can prove it.

Shining stars, you shine so brightly.
Your light is always shiny
You are known to the galaxy.
You are many but of royalty.

You are hearing these noises.
From your head there are voices.
You imagine something despicable.
These things do not make you stable.

When courts and debates were all ruled by true justice
The people abused it and there came injustice.
When all laws were used to defend the innocent
The rich abused it and they made the truth absent.

On my feet I will stand
With wings spread, I will hover fast
And fly high. I don’t want to be a loser,
But a winner, so I will soar.

To the people where freedom exists, I write
That you will use more than your strength and your might,
In order to have justice and make things right,
So that the place you dwell be pleasant in sight.

I found myself enjoying wormwood’s bitterness
Thinking that it is the sweetest life can give me.
For too long I partook the bread of dire falseness
Knowing falsely that I ate life’s delicacy.

(There was an army which was composed of grown-ups (both men and women) . It was an army that was skillful in using swords, spears, bows, and arrows; it was an army where all members knew how to use their armors. They had enough knowledge on how to have combat with an enemy; they fit physically.

Now, this army engaged in a battle wherein their skills and armors they found that those were not enough. They were shocked because this battle where they engaged in never happened before. They could not make a strike, their arrows are not enough and their shields cannot shield them any longer… all that they know and have is not enough to win.

The younger years may fade but childhood remains within
Like a constant trace which can never be erased by time.
Always bound to a paradise that is evergreen
Where all poets never lose any enchanting rhyme.

For my God, family, and nation.

When I am down and am filled with troubles,
Torments, terrors, destruction, and rejection


Earth used to be an immortal garden

Be humble
Even in your greatness.
Be noble
Even if in you own the stars.

Your words shall and will never flatter.
Instead of weakness You give power.
Your eyes will ever shine so brightly.
All that I see pays You courtesy.

Letting go of the things that are mortal
For a life promised to be eternal
Is never foolishness if you’ll ask me.
With that, I have the best security.

(I went to the comfort room and then thought of something after some hours. You may laugh if you want as you read this poem but of course, please see and understand its message. Thanks!)

Sometimes, I feel there’s something wrong in me.
In these times, I relax myself and sit.

The Best Poem Of Obed dela Cruz

A Friend Forever, Jesus Christ

Though I am down and bear a frown
Because words of sword are always painful
And rejection is always sorrowful.

My human friends called me names.
Words of rejection I earned from them.
But thank God, still I stand...

Jesus came and saved the day.
He removed my sorrows
and gave me laughter...

Thank You Lord Jesus for coming
Without You I'll never be here.
Thanks for Your strength.
Thanks for Your guidance...

To my Friend Forever, Jesus Christ

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Omar Ibrahim 15 July 2010

i like young poets when they write well.....goooooooo obed

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Lovita Morang 18 January 2010

make US ONE OF YOU AND WE WILL BE WITH Yore admirable human dadication salute to you superb

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Lovita Morang 18 January 2010

US ONE OF YOU AND WE WILL BE WITH You pure dedication

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Melanie Johnson 03 January 2010

Hey, Obed! ! ! I love your poems! I haven't read them all because you have many for me to read... That alone tells me you are great at this and that you live for this. I love your choice of words and your style. Keep up the good work! ! Your friend, Melanie

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Ency Bearis 20 August 2009

You have the potential for the heir of being like the great Francisco Balagtas...keep it up....

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