The Day I Saw Myself Poem by Doc PenPen B. Takipsilim

The Day I Saw Myself

Rating: 5.0

uh nothing when nothing
came into an end
recycled-its all-transformed-its
all-laws-reborn: : its-death-rebirth
to new-old-new-old-thoughts when every little thing
fell into a vacuum of unwritten memories
for no time to spare
in that timeless cage
of emptiness of boredomness
of nothingness
i stopped to write

but when yes when but how right here right now
yes i yes when i look again at this empty space
across this page of total blankness

i see a dot

i see a new page

uh i start to write
for now i see

for rdv

Neela Nath Das 01 September 2012

a great job indeed.

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Romeo Della Valle 26 March 2010

Where you are right now, I was sometimes past and I surpassed that boundary and I am very glad...Astoundingly, confused, cold and sad, I went through a valley of shadows seeking the lights which I found. Through thick and thin, I found my new me, realizing that it would take the same distance to go back as going forward I decided for the latter...Now, getting up every morning and heading up straight to the mirror and no longer seeing a distorted image of myself, I cross my eyes and thank the Lord...With a crystal cleared mind and a new heart, I quietly sit down in the my chamber of solitude, think, think, think, write, write, write and tears start to flaw over an innocent bright smile...Keep it up, my friend! I learned the hard and painful ways that where there is an ending, there is a new beginning and what I thought was a great loss, it turned out to be a blessing from the sky...(IN PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS) keep going...Love and Peace...

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