The Day The Eagle Shits [1940 Slang] Poem by R.K. Cowles

R.K. Cowles

hudson falls, new york

The Day The Eagle Shits [1940 Slang]

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Every week when I get a wad
Most of the dough goes to bills it seems
A few must be in cahoots with another
To keep me tap
For the peanuts I have left
I go on skirt patrol
To the local cafe
One, in particular is this destroyer
With ginger and a priceless mug
That I take manuevers with
She's this sweater girl
Who dolls up with a sloppy joe
And her bobby socks
Under her stompers
And a swing skirt
Love to see her blitzies
I'd like to do little homework like smooching
I'm decked out
In my bermuda shorts
I enjoy the cafe's jungle juice
I never endulge too much
Or I'll be three sheets to the wind
Then I'd be a victim of a lush worker
although I have no jack
Which then they'll get bubkis
I come across this chrome dome
Who's not gone
He enters with a gunsel on each side
He gripes my middle kidney
Any time that the chips are down
He chug-a-lugs for kicks
I wish he'd peddle his papers
He prefers canned goods
Like armoured cow and gold fish
Then this dog face enters
Sits near me
Then flat foots with gobbled gook
Well, patch my panty waist
He gets under my skin
While I scoff down collision mats
He has cackle jelly
Using lots of side arms on it
And some dog fat
Which was whacky
He also had some cream on a shingle
He takes his black strap blonde and sweet
He's a blow joe
Who never got to a blanket drill
Nor a chili bowl
Because of a bobtail
That took only a day
As he was bucking for a section eight
By disabling asparagus bed
I have to ditch him
So I need to use jiggery pokery
I will have an ache in my dome
He can get under my skin quicker
Than stinging motorized freckles
If I could just get a jingle from someone
Who's in the know this is my hang on Thursday
So I tell him I have to
See a man about a dog
When I get there
I see kilroy was here
And the stocks and bonds
Strewn about the floor
Then I read on the wall
It's propellar wash
You can't crack open this
With your choppers
All I could think
Well cut off my leg and call me shorty

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R.K. Cowles

hudson falls, new york
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