Television Is Not Your Friend (Television) Poem by R.K. Cowles

Television Is Not Your Friend (Television)

Television is hypnotic and addictive
You become mezmorized and hypnotized
Your TV manufactured from pixels of
Red, green and blue
It flickers high rates of speed
You're bombarded with
Fast moving electrons
It siezes your brain away from you
These subliminal waves seal your eyes
Transmitting cerebellum broadcasts
That decieve
you get an epilectic-type reaction
This high rate of TV flashes
Effects the mind
You become reposed
And there's less brain activity
You're not wrecked by visible rays
But invisible radiation
'It's the best control mechanism
You can think of '
Quoted of why television
Is furnished in a prison
Your intellect responds to what the screen displays
You'r not alive, you are dead
You fail to keep in touch with your body
You intellect eventually will play
It's never percieved at an ordinary plane of awareness
Therefore, the viewer assume truth is in the television
It's initiated in your childhood
parents seat the child in front of this evilness
Exploiting their minds in their early existence
Tuned into the cartoons
Cartoons becomes their reality
Some of the cartoons brings forth violence
Characters recieve wallops upon their flesh
A breif time following they seem to be intact
Soon after, on the playground, it's acted out
Parents pondering where it's attained from
Kids confused why it won't function on themselves
These kids seated staring entranced upon the couch
Violence, sex, hatred, fear and clichés
It's what they respire me to speculate about
With my feeble mind viewing excessively
Upon the tube
Cemented upon this TV continuously
Wasting my life
This is what they desire to regulate me
Once caught, all things that isn't I concieve as true
Poison disperse from this TV set
Emits into my veins
This slime taints upon ideas of mine
Effecting what I consume
So I'd buy, buy, buy, buy, buy
I remain in line
Not recognizing their crime
Now multitude of channels
Surfing through, until something appeals to me
Spending useless hours
To stumble upon what I like
Once drawn in, soaked in these transmitted rays
I'm too week to depart, I'm asleep
The media dangles the bait
I bite, they reel me in their master plan
Television is their poisonous weapon
I'm entranced by this electronic device
It makes me hate
obessed with the love of it, it produces greed
Obessed with thirst, perverts me to a sexual drive
This box entices
Merely observe what they desire me to
They never introduce me to the truth
So I accept their infectious lies
Camouflaging the realism I'm not suppose to know
I only view fairy tales
What actually occures is skillfully disguised
Extremely wrapped-up in their decietful cleverness
These images dictates my point of view
Programmed a slave to this TV
They coerce me to believe they're God
And the president is their Messiah
Playing into their hold
I'm not free, not awake
Asleep I allow myself to be
Asleep in their fancy for their entertainment
I'm longing for their inducing treat
Permitting them to feed me inventive tales
Glued to the television as if we're as one
Eating hungerly, this diversions that are sweet
This blindness is building my ignorance
I now know television is not my friend
It's a friend to the corporate media
Whom entices me to view their views
I'm no longer long to be a permanent zombie
I require to be released out of this hysteria
Each brain is like no other in the world
With TV, my brain's operation system lay dorment
It rely on the senses to install information
Absorbing information through their senses
Processing this in a way that's unique
I shouldn't be forced to have faith in their creation
I desire my own mind back that they have stolen
On a silver platter
I no longer desire to be a slave
I desire to terminate this addiction
Need not to exist with no reality
This is not what I desire to crave
Need to eradicate this TV set
This drug is sabotaging my conscious
Desire knowledge of the reality that's around
Need to expel this poisonous media box
Desire to think for myself, massacre my TV
Then my intellect will be found
Television is not your friend
It will offend
Need my mind and soul to mend
My thoughts i desire to apprehend
Television is not your friend
Into depravity my mentality descends
Need to wake, have my spirit ascend
My mind I must defend
Sleep no more
Need not to be owned by TV
Open my mind, awake from this tragedy

This appears in my book 'Expressing Art through Poetry' on
Izzie 09 February 2017

Not as entertaining but very truthfull

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