R.K. Cowles Poems

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Nature's Beauty [nature]

Through the trunked woody perennials
On to a striped back burrowing rodent
Gently the air currents blow
Bushy-tail tree dwelling rodent gathering the nuts

Sweet Patootie [1920's Slang Poem]

Just prior of exiting my apartment

This baby grand shoved coal

Drunk On Poetry

Poetry surges steadily
Through my veins
I grant it to stream through them
Day in and day out

Chicago [1920's Slang]

Left my dump, off to the cafe
Ankling it, no need for a hack
I'm a johnnie walker
Stopped a bit to jaw a little

When In Rome

When in Rome
Feast upon your desire ice cream cone
Stand clear of the hazard zone
Don't call collect on any phone

Television Is Not Your Friend (Television)

Television is hypnotic and addictive
You become mezmorized and hypnotized
Your TV manufactured from pixels of
Red, green and blue

The Day The Eagle Shits [1940 Slang]

Every week when I get a wad
Most of the dough goes to bills it seems
A few must be in cahoots with another
To keep me tap

A Cup Of Java And A Couple Of Sinkers [1920's Slang]

I departed my abode

Into a rain pitchfork

Bourbon [bourbon]

Bourbon in favor of thee
Would be just fine
Finer than whiskey
Finer than wine

Swarm Of Botched Retrospective Sentiment [abstract Art]

A concept lost
Ideas I once owned
No longer remembered
Battling to regain

Error Success