The Night Wanderer

The Dead Still Linger - Poem by The Night Wanderer

Do you know the girl just down the street?
Yeah, you know the one
With her skeleton body
And sunken eyes
Her hollow sunken eyes?

The girl only two houses?
With a birds nest of hair
And a hating glare
To everyone she directs that same angry stare
She blames the world
For what?
Does she even know?

You know her
Everyone knows her
Such a dark and dangerous secret she hides
Stored away beneath the floor boards
Behind the peeling paint
In every crack in the walls
And in every inch of that god forsaken haunted house
In there she hide
The bloody and disturbing secrets of her past

That girl who lived two houses down
What ever happened to her?
Last I heard she was gazing at the ceiling blankly
But where did her mass of golden hair go?
Well, the man in the corner shop said it was stained red
Blood red
And her bones, that stuck so painfully from her skin?
They shattered with the cold metal
That killed her
All her silent words voiced in her last scream
In her last breath

Did you see the family?
Young couple and son
Move into that vacant house, just two down?
Should we tell them
They share their new home
With others?
With death itself?
Should we tell them
Not to pull up the floor boards
That they could only expect to find an angry face
With that nest of dried blood perched upon her head
Shall we insist they leave
Before they, too, come to rest hidden some where
In a dark secluded place of the house

Perhaps we could save the child
So innocent and vulnerable
Does he deserve to be slaughtered and stashed
Like so many before him?
Will his screams be the ones that pierce the night
Before they are brutally slaughtered as well?
Could we save him?
Or is it already too late?

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Poem Submitted: Tuesday, December 8, 2009

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