Alvin Parkinson

The Devil That Came My Way

Poem by Alvin Parkinson

Walking and jogging on the crucial road
With atrocious beings like snake, rats, and scare crows
Mockery and hypocrisy their tongues eject
But nothing contrive me more then what was about to come next
Bewildered and out flattered with what has come today
Eyes of stupefaction of the devil that came my way

Poignant with anxiety, I felt excruciated as I tramp
The path I was proceeding look as if it was somber as if I was striding into a death camp
But where ever I induce my hopes there was the shadow that follows
My every second movement and it’s nowhere close to being hallow
Bewildered and out flattered of what has come today
Eyes of stupefaction of the devil that came my way

Thinking and drinking trying to riddance this heinous notion
Eating and sleeping trying to rid this pernicious mind motion
Remorseless, pitiless, and rigorous colossus of evil in my presence
Encounter and encounter me until I reach the stage of obsolescence
What an eye of a child and his toy as it was for this day
Wherever I turn I detect the devil that came my way

Demolition I have met with cognizance in the roadblocks
Vines and thorns started to break loose weakening the rocks
And a smile, a smile of a dagger, the same dagger Brutus used on Caesar
The smile of the heart that creates a cycle of death from being devious, Jezebel I can see her
Memories shall forget for when thou forget that time of the shade
There was that devil, that devil that came my way

Writing and reciting my prayers inside of my soul
Asking to be shield like a knight’s steel from this ghoul
Tempting but I’m still resenting the raven that flies above
That’s waiting as the crows wait for its prey to die so it can consume it up
Exhausted and falling on my feet as if the temperature was hot this day
But it wasn’t warm; it was just the devil that came my way

Stepping on the waters, as I did I felt something on my feet
Vulnerable I was, I presume, I thought for it to touch me
It felt like teeth as sharp as a shark and sticky as a starfish
Praying to their Gods like voodoo, putting upon me a dark wish
For the heavens, hells, and earths shall surely be decay
If I were to forget that devil that came my way

Shining and shining with no light
Finding and finding with no sight
Step by step as I walk on foot
Wept and wept for how long it took
Murder, murder, murder, O yes people were slay
Never will I forget that devil that came my way

No gimmicks and no limits to what this creature extant
A soul and spirit of death like a dried waterless plant
It’s like I’m walking on fire with pits at the bottom
It’s like I’m walking on the abominable Gomorrah and Sodom
What a day what a day what a day what a day
The demon that came, the devil that came my way

What a melancholy feeling I feel in my head
As I walk with sullenness, a man who walks that’s dead
I wish I could elide what I wrote or elutriate
This Goliath that now stalks me that only elongates
A shadow gliding over it and me only wickedness it sprays
Look at that devil that came along the way

Knowledge of a Gnosis and every pagan belief
Knows God, and religion like a man who exult for joy and feels relief
Extravagant at harming others and demolishing whenever chance it gets
Extrude me of my toes I start to feel a sting and it’s wet
Bewildered and out flattered of what has come today
Eyes of stupefaction of the devil that came my way

More pessimistic than death lower than the dirt of the ground
But obtains knowledge that’s recondite to flesh, it came out of a mound
And crack the concrete as it visual my behalf
Strolling with my foot and everything else I have
Except my sight for it went astray
If I would had reserve it then I would have seen the devil that came my way

The wrinkle it twinkles with a momentum definitive
Just me and the seed of greed what an ideal infinitive
Fill with indecency and filthy deeds with no intention of rendition
A veil with vindication and with no vicissitude attention
Bewildered and out flattered of what has come today
Eyes of stupefaction of the devil that came my way

Vigilant I am; I’m always keeping a good watch
I must be hallucinating cause I see demons, yes I see it when I do watch
Have the travesty of Christians come to over throw me
I start to act like a sardine asking how can this be
Wicked, wicked, has come today
I knew that ever since that devil came my way

As hot as an ardent ready to burn me up
My mind is tick tock, now I’m behaving retarded drinking wine from my cup
I dropp it, it falls and breaks and shatters every-where
Looking at it and transferring the thought on me now I quiver with fear
Crazy and daisy my mind becomes of this day
Don’t blame me, blame he, blame she, or whatever that devil is that came my way

A vesper of bats and along with man slayers, and vespine
So sticky and tricky this walk has been along with venomous vines
But it didn’t concern me how the setting is like and the entire wights
Even though I wouldn’t call them wight cause they were dead as the grave and black as the night
Only one thing, none but one on this one day
Turn me into a valetudinarian and it was the devil I met along the way

I know it came to conflagrant me with a passion
Never Satan has been contemporary to me like this in this transaction
Valor I wish I was but my mind is dumb right now I can’t even titivates it
Pleasure I’m in ecstasies for my body, but I can’t even titillate it
I don’t recognize fun, joy, cherish, and play
Ever since that devil came my way

Does the humble have to be stumble by the pride
Does the fool have to rule over the wise?
Does the little have to be belittle more by the wide
Does love have to be corrupted by the one who despise
Cause I feel like that as I’m walking this day
By this devil it’s a rebel to good, that devil that came my way

A bruise to my skin and cavity to my teeth
A bullet to my heart every time that I breathe
Bondage in my soul that came when I was unexpected
A needle in my vain that brings sickness when injected
A lot of bizarre things have happen since the time of this day
When that devil, that demonize devil that came my way

A warrior for goblins going up against a child of the holy one
O devil lives in the dead and in the dead it lives this exorcist has become
More vulgar and vice, plots to devour me whole
There’s a surreptitious secret of this mad psycho that needs to unfold
A devil with rage, a devil with rage
A devil that was walking on the concrete that I met along the way

O! Sorrow I have borrow from this creature
Its ways, its craves, its evil desires and features
All adds to it more blemish in it’s heart
Steady and ready to pollute the light with the dark
Bewildered and out flatter of what has come today
Eyes of stupefaction of the devil that came my way

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Poem Submitted: Sunday, July 10, 2005

Poem Edited: Saturday, May 15, 2010