The Devotion To Patriotism Poem by Francis Duggan

The Devotion To Patriotism

The Citizens band play the National Anthem at the front of the parade
And the returned soldiers march behind them in war their mark they had made
In a north eastern Country they had done their Nation proud
The National flags are waving and the cheering for them loud

They march up to the City park in the balmy Summer air
Where on a platform erected for the occasion seated and waiting there
Were the leaders of the Government and in patriotism's cause
Each in their speech lauded the brave young returned soldiers to thunderous applause.

They lauded the young men who fought for peace but none of them mentioned the civil war
That they had left behind them in a Land from here afar
Or the thousands of dead civilians or the thousands of war refugees
Who live in camps miles from anywhere beyond the northern seas.

Another war is brewing in a Country far from here
And the Government leaders of terrorism instil in us the fear
And their so called War on terror is never destined to end
You kill somebody's children they will not be your friend.

The young and brave returned soldiers are back in their Hometown
And hundreds of people line the street on either side for to honour their renown
And the Citizen band play the National Anthem at the head of the parade
The devotion to patriotism won't be allowed to fade.

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