The Driving Star Poem by Randy McClave

The Driving Star

When I am driving in my car
I become everybody's star,
I am indeed a well known celebrity
In my very small city.
People calls me constantly for a ride
People who have never before been at my side,
Color and race and belief will quickly transcend
Everyone is then calling me their friend.
They call and they text me all of the time
Even when they don't have a dime,
We always go out to different places
Always with different faces.
We'll go for errands or to the store
And to the many places that I've never been before,
And they always tell my how great and helpful that I am
Especially when I drove them out of a jam.
I will happily drive them here or there
Sometimes to prayer,
And sometimes when they tell me they will pay
I always nod my head, "No", and I say thank you anyway.

When I need someone's help to drive
Then no one knows that I am here or alive,
And then when I am on foot
Everyone ignores me and they give me the boot.

Randy L. McClave

Randy McClave

Randy McClave

Ashland, Kentucky
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