Denis Martindale

The Easter Story: What Really Happened - Poem by Denis Martindale

From out the darkness of His tomb,
The Son of Man arose,
Departing from the deathly gloom,
Apart from bloodstained clothes...
Then soon to meet His dearest friends,
Though not at first aware,
For who of them were quick to sense,
To overcome despair?

Yet there He was, triumphant now,
Despite the dreadful loss,
Men's spiteful thorns upon His brow,
Their scourging and their Cross...
Despite their horrors, Christ alive,
Still walked upon God's Earth,
Against all evil still to strive
And grant Mankind New Birth...

As angels told His tearful ones
That Christ no more was dead,
It was as though such Good News stuns,
Yet hope and faith were spread...
Disciples ran to learn the truth,
Confirming what they heard,
When they at least had precious proof
To take God at His word...

To think, that doubt can break the heart
And rob the soul of joy,
To think, that Christ knew from the start
Each gruesome pain and ploy...
Yet for the joy that God bestowed,
He suffered and He died,
The greatest story ever told,
Christ lives though crucified...

And from that Sunday mourn no more,
Like angels, praise the Lord
And be like them, forever sure,
With faith as your reward...
To be your portion from henceforth,
God-blessed through Calvary,
From east to west, from south to north,
For all eternity...

Thus time and space held no restraints,
When Christ, at times, appeared,
Amid the presence of His saints
To cast out all they feared...
A multitude of witnesses
Had seen the Son of Man
And through them, we learnt God blesses,
According to His plan...

They were the firstfruits, preachers all,
Some prophets yet to write,
Regardless, whether great or small,
Their Saviour was in sight...
How could their silence now hold sway?
How could their fears remain?
That's why we love them to this day,
They shared so we could gain...

Thus Bible scholars count each verse
As riches highly prized,
With prophecies of what occurs,
Revealed through Jesus Christ...
From Genesis to Malachi,
From Revelations, too,
Forgiveness comes in full supply
For them, for me, for you...

And now the light we share as well,
The holy word lives on,
Embracing Heaven, hating Hell,
Our faith to build upon...
The Easter Story told each year,
What really happened, friends
And why we love the Lord most dear
With love that never ends...

Denis Martindale, Easter Monday,2013.

The poem is based on the GOD TV programme
called The Easter Story: What Really Happened?
copyright 2012 Lyonshead Media, khouse-dot-org

Chuck Missler, explains the events that followed
the Crucifixion as to how the disciples turned
from doubt to faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.
Many Bible prophecies revealed these events in
advance, so that we might believe the Gospel...

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