The Edge Of Everything - Poem by Giggy HIKIT

You sit on the edge of eternity, unreachable by me. My hands keep looking for something to grasp, but clench nothing but the stale air between us. I’ve been stepping for a while now, and yet you appear to be at the same distance as when I started. If I keep trekking, will I finally reach the same place as you?

The rim of oblivion is where I stand. That deafening silence that is forever there will drive me mad. That blanket of black that shrouds everything in one bleeding colour. Shapes blur together until they become one. There is nothing here.

Tell me, is it different near eternity? I can hear a buzzing from your end. I look forward, and it doesn’t seem nearly as dark. It must be perfect there, in the place where a great illumination alights everything so no dark is left. Everything must be on your side.

This thing between us, this horrible space, will it ever dissipate? I hope it does, that way I can share a little of eternity with you. But if this gap between us shortens, does that mean my oblivion will finally touch you? If so, maybe this nothing between us is something to be thankful for.

But, if it’s so perfect there, why is it you seem so alone? Surely eternity is filled with everything! There’s no such thing as an empty eternity! Oblivion on the other hand, it’s nothing but empty. There’s nothing to fill in an oblivion with. But even as I think that, I wonder if I’ve just seen your face grow a little more sad.

Why is that? I’d give anything for an eternity, so why do you who sits on the edge of it despair so much? This silence is driving me insane, this darkness so complete I think I’ve gone blind. Surely eternity is better than this? Please answer yes; otherwise I think I’ll lose the last bit of myself left. To think all this time you’ve shared a fate as horrible as this is too cruel a thought.

If it’s true, that we share this same maddening empty, then perhaps I don’t want to reach eternity. Instead, I want to reach the you that waits at the edge of it. And perhaps when we meet, that white and black that have trailed behind us for so long will clash together to create a new place in which you and me will thrive.

Comments about The Edge Of Everything by Giggy HIKIT

  • (6/5/2009 5:16:00 PM)

    You just answered your own question beautifully in this 'now' reachable you.

    She sits and feels alone, because all she needs is you. Some couples are like that. They do, as a couple, attract though. Such love is rare.

    I would give you a standing ovation, but, I don't want to embarrass...

    Smiling at you


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  • (5/26/2009 5:50:00 PM)

    Literary and literally beautiful, great, fluent.10 (Report)Reply

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