ehab hassouneh

The End Of The Devil's Era - Poem by ehab hassouneh

A soul within the darkness lies,
Filled with sorrow and grief
No more tears for a cry
Or drop of blood to bleed
Darkness pumped through its veins
With a heart filled with nothing but pain
It looks to the devil, holding nothing but hate
Its looks again to the ground, thinking. Being rescued is too late
As he sits on his throne, That is built upon pain and sins
In the place of no dusk or dawn, Today our end begins
As he looks upon his kingdom of hell
Laughing at the screams and cries
The screams of every soul that fell
The screams of every soul that can't rise
For every soul that have been sacrificed
For every pain that have been taken
You will bow before us now
For which the beast inside us have awaken
How does it feel now? , being on the other end
How does it feel like when you no longer can ascend
You are no longer king, and no longer the thane, your ruling days are over
So don't cry when it's your turn to feel the pain
You thought you won't ever be judged
You thought u would never have to pay
Will, look at your self now
Do you still have anything else to say?
It's the dawn of a new world
It's the beginning of the new life
It's finally time to put the sword
And end this brutal fight
Creating a world of perfection
Amending world of revolution
The world they thought it's just a myth
The world they thought it was an illusion

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Poem Submitted: Friday, January 18, 2013

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