Thato Maluleka

The End Of… - Poem by Thato Maluleka

I am glad you moved on, but is it necessary to be so hardcore. I know the hurt is excruciating its unbearable and hurting.

I thought we shared a bond so strong not even separating could be a course, for speaking so utterly out of song.

I apologize if It seems I do not care, but could you at least spare, spare me the cold shoulder, we still have to grow out of this, still have to grow stronger.

I worry that you are just acting out, cause I have hurt you so much, but it seems unnecessary to push me out into the cold, cause I have already caught that cold.

I understand you want to be bold, and act as if everything ain’t wrong, I admire you, and you have that desire to move on, and please do with my blessing you should hold on to moving on.

But all I ask is for you to consider that it is not as easy for me as you think it might be, cause it ain’t I wish you could see. I pretend not to feel, I constantly steal a smile, and hide my true colors for a while.

I wish you all the best, I wish for you all the rest, you are the best, I missed out I guess.

So as each day flows and passes me by as I stare with the hope of being ALRIGHT, it just slips through my wet fingers and lingers, I dream of continuity as I try to avoid reality, I die at the thought of you not surviving without me, I cry at the thought of losing this, this pure love that’s so rare to acquire, hold your hand and admire, burn with desire, I cry all the time it hurts as though I’ve been burned with a scorching fire, don’t scold me again, I’ve been through that wire, I still want you to think of me in a clearer eye of desire. I love your fire.

So let us close this door and swallow the keys, mistakes no more a walk of life, you were almost my wife, let us leave behind this shattered love I destroyed, I no longer aspire to impose, I’ll leave you alone bury this rose, chapter closed.

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, May 5, 2010

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