The Enigma Of Right Wing Friend! Poem by Ramesh T A

The Enigma Of Right Wing Friend!

If one accepts the hand of friendship, is it mean one can
Do anything withe personal property of a friend as one wishes?
This is the enigma of an Asian right wing friend, China...!

Immediately after independence, Indian Sub-Continent has
Turned into Indian nation and East and West Pakistan complete;
After settlement, will anyone go for a few more space for itself?

This is the character of Chinese Trojan that has waged war
With India three or four times only to lose East Pakistan
Turning into a separate nation called Bangladesh later on!

Both Pakistan and China became close friends to share a few
More space in Kashmir, the integral part of one india ever;
China accepts friendship and development, but follows Pakistan!

This enigma of China may be acceptable to its people, but
World community likes only social distancing with it ever!

Wednesday, May 27, 2020
Topic(s) of this poem: friend
Kumarmani Mahakul 27 May 2020

World community likes only social distancing to prevent themselves from the danger of Corona virus. This poem is amazingly penned to bring social awareness.

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Ramesh T A

Ramesh T A

Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India
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