*the Essence Of God Poem by Gary Bryson

*the Essence Of God

Rating: 2.9

The majesty of his power,
And his unlimited might,
The wondrous depths of all knowing love,
He sees in the purest of light.
There is nothing that He does not see,
And no place He is not there,
He has never changed the slightest bit,
On earth, or in space somewhere.
I cannot count the blessings,
He has given me in Grace,
Each breath, each day, each living cell,
Redeemed from my disgrace.
He rules eternity, He created time,
From nothing that was there.
It all exists in His design,
And He numbers my every hair.
I look to see His Glory,
And find it everywhere,
Yet man rejects His only Son,
And buys eternal despair.
Could we extend our life one day,
If it were not His will?
No, our time is set, it cannot change,
Our destiny fulfilled.


Jolanta Gradowicz 21 April 2006

We often forget about the great power that He can give us... Your poem makes me think of the true fact. Thank you.

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Nick Percowycz 20 March 2006

God must be very disappointed in man. We have forgotten the true essense of Him, and day by day, and little by little, we push Him away. That is why your poem is so important. This is a must read! A ten.

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