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In the jungle,
The main center of Mother Nature,
Where adventure runs wild.
The drum’s beating loudly,

In beauty we dwell
Blooming stark from spring,
Who moves with flight,
Seasons the air

The moon and the stars share the sky's peace,
While the sun after roaming now sleeps.
Calm as mist silver, the night appeals
In a kind crawling across the streets.

Essence holds its dream entire,
Strengthens hope true into fire
To fit in it to be higher
To the most breezed to aspire.

Love, when you play,
Your piano hits a chord
Tremendously as melody
Inspiring my veins,

Wonder winged luminous in my eyes.
Elegance sheer I perceive and prize
On a flower who plays the sun of skies.

In the land offering lush riches,
To care convey decent of needs.
Everything where flourishes,
And to harmony wide leads.

Have eyed dire a life packed with storms.
Wildly, money whisked in air-vast sums,
Pains my home with intense heart drums.

Now my clock ticks no more,
Is with night who does secure
It as the nail who dwells in a door.

Designed is the night sky with the stars’ sleekness,
Silvery like the eyes wondrous in meekness.
Heavenly to have been clothed with sweetness
Gleaming like the sheen found on rocks of neatness

The heads of fingers
With tons
Of adoration,

My fancied escape on a time lone,
When the wind has refrained from its moan
To become at night, the sleepy drone.

Lips sumptuous you have in a way quiet,
Excites me to consume them with a kiss
To give my heart a sensational riot
Of penchant wild, draws me into its abyss.

Oh! How silvery the clouds hail
As heaven ships gloried to sail.
Clear of storm berserk that does rail.
Once as water upwards they scale

Never can the flowery words
Of tenderness on paper,
Ever be pitched into shreds
By oblivion's eraser.

Frustrated I descend
With head to the ground.
Switched on for heaven

A rose for my heart to rise with wings
To the heavens deep, where pleasure rings

With bliss as clouds—high silver beings.

Love has placed a smile on my face,
Lighting upon it the bright grace
Of heaven, my heart did embrace.
In me, tenderness comes in place

It is breeze that blows us so,
Takes us wherever we go
Across the water to flow
To a wonder that we know

Faint fairy out of fantasy,
Draws out its slender wand
To touch the heart in its warm stead,
So to keep it running bright

The Best Poem Of Obinna Kenechukwu Eruchie

The Heart Of The Jungle

In the jungle,
The main center of Mother Nature,
Where adventure runs wild.
The drum’s beating loudly,
The wild is calling out,
The air is blowing hard.
That is the very sound playing.
The sound of the wild
Playing right
In the heart of the jungle.
Taking you deep
Right in the heart of the jungle.

In the jungle,
Rich in beauty and serenity,
It is house to wildlife,
The animals dwelling
Are one huge family.
The plants come together
To form a world of attraction.
Love and harmony
Prevail right
In the heart of the jungle.
Working wonders
Right in the heart of the jungle.

In the jungle,
Which is a paradise right on earth.
A place of wild nature,
You can gaze at the works
And the wonders of God.
Densely desirable
A splendid place to marvel at.
Mesmerizing you
To be drawn
In the heart of the jungle.
Right in the heart of the jungle.

In the jungle,
The forever charming warm setting
Takes you close to nature.
So much truly divine,
Is a much cherished world.
Mother Nature is proud
In having accomplished so much.
Accomplishment that’s
Showing right
In the heart of the jungle.
Pride and honour
Right in the heart of the jungle.

In the jungle,
Sight of green colour dominates.
Green, vibrant delight viewed
From most plants and trees’ leaves,
Offers flourishing source
That brings tranquility
And peace into the atmosphere.
Adornment is so
Well placed right
In the heart of the jungle.
It feels like home
Right in the heart of the jungle.

Obinna Kenechukwu Eruchie Comments

Wow, it was a well executed poem. Butterflies are beautiful. Though their lives are short they make merry all through.. Keep up the good work.

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Lee Mack 22 August 2009

'On Two Sides' is full like an ensemble playing and in jazz it would remind some of what in music is called 'fusion' (two sides) the poem wants to layer for me as a reader several harmonies... I want from it, some more harmony coming at me... like maybe tapping my toe or dipping my neck as I read and read... I want the poem keeping on sharing itself with my reading in contexture; reading and reading (musically, chantingly, solo flowing) and the like..still well done as still freely sharing with me... Thanks my man: Lee Mack

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Bamisaye Adeniran 28 August 2009

nice piece....more power to your elbow.

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Christopher Doddridge 14 September 2009

This is a good poem it is so touchy lolololol

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Tiffany Hayes 26 September 2009

all i have to say is WONDERFUL! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ;)

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Obinna Eruchie 06 February 2010

From: Theresa Walker To: Obinna Eruchie Date-Time: 1/28/2010 12: 48: 00 PM (GMT -6: 00) Subject: nice poems ---------- Hey i just got done viewing some of your poems they are very nice God Bless

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Obinna Eruchie 21 November 2009

From: David Freeman To: Obinna Eruchie Date-Time: 11/17/2009 11: 53: 00 AM (GMT -6: 00) Subject: COOL ---------- HI, I have read ur poems and there are all off the hook. i love ur use of imagery which brings out the reality of the poem. keep the fire burning. HOLLER

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p.a. noushad 14 October 2009

i read your poems again and again, i like them very much

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Kris Templin 09 October 2009

hello, I read your poem and it has a lot of feeling put into. your writing is very good keep up the gr8 work. Never give up.... thanks for sharing your work friend take care and be safe and keep the pen going. Kris

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Brianna Slater 08 October 2009

Hey! ! ! nice poem and i have to say ur the first poem to comment on and i have to give to you It's nice! ! ! GOOD JOB

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