The Existence Of Trees Poem by Izzy F

The Existence Of Trees

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No poem ever created has perfectly described the effortless admiration of trees. I know I won't be able to, but I'll try.

Let's begin with the lovely Oak. She's a hanging haven for vulnerable creatures and is always a convivial sight to come upon. She constantly provides acorns for her fellow squirrels. Never mistake an oaks knowledge of life.

The Banyan tree is rather different, but nonetheless kind. They are lonely extroverts who live alone. To find some friends to cling and grasp to, they stretch out their expectant branches but end up gripping air and creating a sorrowful shade. So, in hopeless desperation, they start growing new trunks from themselves and become their only companion.

The Dragon trees love to pretend, ever since they were seedlings. As they aged, they adopted marvelous trunks and decided to become a dragon because they thought they would seem pretty ordinary without being one. Now, they continually challenge one another on the number of heads one has.

The Traveler's Palm is an incredibly generous tree, growing wide-leafed foliage. Any sojourner who needs a cool-off can simply take a branch and use it for the alleviation of heat without even hurting the palm's cheerful stance.

The Baobabs know two things so well, it is their main train of thought. Hot and wet. When the rain bathes the earth, they absorb up all of it to store in their bulbous trunks so that when the sun comes, they can have a feast!

The Argan tree is a tempting tree. A goat's favorite leaf indeed. To satisfy the goat's hunger, they decide to climb the flat branches to attain more. The argan tree gets upset and angry that the goats cannot even suffice a pleasant 'thank you.' So, he lives a life of maddening rage which is quite an unpleasant life.

The redwood tree is so beautiful it is vexing to the other trees that if they look too long, they feel blinded. She aches to see the world but seeing she can't travel; she stretches her long limbs over the mist and valleys hoping to discover a glance.

Meanwhile, the Douglass Fir and Mountain Ash, amazing plants indeed, wish to marry the redwoods and are quite arrogant and prideful about it. Although they are not at the height of redwoods, they can still look at the world, but in haughty anguish, choose not to.

The Montezuma Cypress is a party tree. It dearly loves to sway with its close comrades and takes unknown pleasure in flourishing its green locks.

The Sequoia is an old tree. All of them are beaten with age yet, they stand firm as stone. Nothing could tear them away from their beloved land. They are the mentor of trees. They are the ones who taught the others how to worship. Their roots bore deep into the weary earth. They have infinite wisdom because the Creator has touched them.

The Bonsai tree is a little halfling full of spirit and enthusiasm. They long to be like their cousins. They inhabit many shapes and forms and appear akin to miniature trees in pots.

The Fig tree looks like ivy was fastened onto it so delicately. It adores harmony and peace in everything.

The Evergreen cherishes any season but thrives in winter and spring with pure contentment. Winter is when they are blanketed with snow that covers their visible branches like silk. They hate to be killed. They treasure spring because it establishes new life and meaning. Tiny animals like sleeping in their leafy boughs.

The fruit trees are a splendid, satisfied bunch. They all enjoy one another and open their branches happily to a hungry bystander.

The Weeping Willow is a sad tree in the day, gently rocking back and forth from the grief and malevolence of the world. At night they become eerie and lonely phantoms, arraying a number of frightful shadows.
The Palm tree is a beachy bloke who enjoys good times and is always a bit sleepy from all the fun. They only fear a few number of things, like the weather and badly dressed people, but other than that, they are exceptionally free-spirited.

Now, those are only a small amount of bark plants mentioned, but I believe the beauty of trees is in the personality I've imagined them to have. What truly makes a tree astounding is the fact that they not only keep human life existent but the fact they are friends to creatures and variously and brilliantly created by the sculptor of all.

Meredith Briggs 29 January 2023

I don't believe anyone except maybe God himself can perfectly capture the (for lack of better word) beauty of a tree, but girl, you came pretty close; P I look forward to reading more of your poems : ) Thanks!

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Izzy F 29 January 2023

You are very kind Meredith! I will check out yours as well. : )

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