The Fate Off Stars Poem by peter rodenby

The Fate Off Stars

The light that shines from stars in the darkness
 is not new when it reaches our eyes.
It travels at the speed of light
But that's not fast enough to make it now.
That light could be hundreds of years old.
The time and space of stars
There is no human comparison.

All the science I have learnt
Can not make up for  lack of understanding 
or  stuff I do not know about Astronomy and Physics. 
This gap of knowledge
 is my only defence for ignorance.

But I  do know that our sun is only a minor sun
 it will not go super nova, its not big enough.
It will not explode in a great brief display 
 simply expand when the hydrogen runs out
Engulfing  Earth  and extinguish all life
 Reaching beyond the orbit of Jupiter
 Then slowly shrinking  eventually becoming a white dwarf
  dim little pinprick of light
 in the void between other stars
And all that will take millions of years.
Somehow all the glory
All the pain and suffering
 all the wars all the love and hate that we humans 
have experienced in our history 
seems a bit insignificant when you think about the fate of stars

peter rodenby

peter rodenby

newcastle upon tyne
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