The Father And Son Poem by Marivel Guzman

The Father And Son

Father where have you gone?
Before you even left me, I was mourning your Death,
Even without saying goodbye,
sadness has filled my heart.
Your absence was in the air,
talking forgiveness into my soul,
yelling in dark silence,
but nothing! it got said.
I kept my lips seal,
your kept your lips shut,
and my stubbornness won,
one more time.
The Darkness of the night took me for thorny roads,
the beasts in my nightmare where eating me alive.
I was running without breathing,
leaping giants stones,
falling exhausted,
feeling anxious and fearful,
not wanting to stop and lose it all.
I did not want to fill the dark hole of nothing.
I did not want to turn old hates into new ones,
and I left it to the time, ....
and the time went thin, and disappeared with your figure,
as the shadow did with the light.
All the voices yelling silence,
like daggers drilling pain into me,
very deep, where nothing can cure the sore wounds.
I keep pouring salt to the opening of my heart,
trying to heal my pain,
trying to numb it,
to drown it with emptiness and oblivion,
but did not cure, did not heal, only got worse.
Father where have you gone?
I miss your advice, I miss your first hug.
your arms holding me before I fall down.
I miss your angry voice telling me NO! ,
I miss your soft tender love kissing me before I go sleep.
My first steps were trophies to your pride,
and your laughter was my price.
Father where have you gone?
We were once very close,
lovely father embracing me when I was born.
When we were One,
Only the Father and Son!
Forever your memory will stay imprinted in my mind,
forever my heart will ache just to think that the blood that running throughout my veins was borrowed from your heart.
Father where ever you are,
I send you my love.
God almighty shine your journey and bless your soul.

I wrote this memorial poem for a dear friend of mine, whose father passed away.
They had not spoken in 10 years. And I know that a father always wait the return of the son. And the son will live, thinking to go back and give a kiss to his father. Does not matter how angry they are, they will cry for each other in the corner of their pride.
They never got the chance to forgive each other. The father departed without saying good bye to his son, and the son never get to say I'm sorry to his father.
I wrote this poem, with tears rolling down. I have a very similar story, and I m almost sure that one day, someone will be reading this poem and will remember this story.
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