Marivel Guzman Poems

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The Simple Life

I want to live the simple life,
no rush, no pains, no Love!
I tell my heart to rest a bit, …
but it has a race with time,

Incognito Time! Interlude To Love

The compass of time,
brings serenity at last.
Not set on stone,
to be death or alive,

Sunset, Ecstasy!

I love my sunsets..
It's cold breeze, It's soft light..
It's soft touch,

The Word

First was the Word!
That Master Creator,
The original thought,

Hopelessly Hopeful

Contemplating the pain,
I felt the pain hurt,
as a burning thorn,
as an infuriated rose.

The Father And Son

Father where have you gone?
Before you even left me, I was mourning your Death,
Even without saying goodbye,
sadness has filled my heart.

I Love Myself

Love myself with no limitations,
I love myself without fears
of being judged easy.

The Whispers Of My Heart

Smile to the sky
To the morning breeze,
touch it with your love
and give some of your warm.