Sunset, Ecstasy!

I love my sunsets..
It's cold breeze, It's soft light..
It's soft touch,
Tasting! my skin.
I Love my sunsets……….
It's rays
It's softness, Fondness!
As enamored lover,
with rush, tender
and affectionate love

I love my sunsets,
The waves of the ocean,
its sparkling light…..
As music!
Like angels in heaven
Whispering, a soft lullaby.

I love my sunsets,
Rocking my dreams,
exalting My senses
in pure Ecstasy!
Dreaming with Peace
Dreaming with love
Transporting me,
To another dimension.
Another world! ..
Away from here,
Another Space! ..
Away from there,

Wondering, Floating....
… To the far away corner
The unlimited! ………
the Nowhere!
Oh! sensation of wholeness…
don't let it go!
This essence…..It's me
I' m part of the cosmos,
The sunset involves me
I am not longer me.

I love my sunsets!
It's enigma! ,
It's magic!
electrical bonding,
magnetic attraction…
that hold me, Just there! …..
Just there!
Contemplating in awe.

I have to surrender,
Oh! ………, Almighty
You always evolving!
You're never the same,
Sensation of pleasure
Soft strokes! ……Of delight!
My sunsets are precious
It's lights are divine!
My pores are absorbing
Every atom of you
And my eyes are fixed
On the horizon..
The last dropp of.. you.

I love my sunsets..
As I love me
I Love my sunsets
As I love you
My Love is Eternal, Soft! Wise!
As aged fragrance bottle!
That kept her timeless aroma,

When my essence had perish
Leaving nothing to touch,
I'll leave you….. my story,
My sunsets! My Light!
My Pleasures! Delights!
I'll leave you..My Memories
My Messages of Peace
Things to Remember
That I existed on Earth.

I love my Sunsets
With It's changing Moods,
From yellows to orange
And hues of red
The red flame of passion
velvet sensation
that runs all thru me.

I Love my sunsets..
And I want you To love them too!
In an unselfish gesture
I share them with you.

When your feet rub the sands
On a far away beach
And you watching the sunset
Remember this Poem
It's Mad…It's Silly…
Just Like your dreams.

This Poem is for you:
The Lovers of Nature,
The Lovers of Love

February 2,2010,6: 28 pm

I dedicated this poem to a friend from Gaza, Palestine. He was being very pessimist about his life in Gaza. He wanted to move to another part of the world. But happen that Gaza is a siege land, blockaded by Israel. Few people made it out. They are in continuous fear for their life, as Israel over flies Gaza sky every day, and use sonar bombs that deaf you, and do not let you sleep. So I was dedicate this poem to him his Name Shadi Nassar because they have a beautiful beach that they can enjoy when Israel is not at sight. As a way to give cheer him..Any way finally after 3 years of applying, he was accepted in a University in Brussels where he went to do his Master degree, (usually people that leave Gaza rarely come back to their land) ..They leave a terrible story behind, better to forget.