The Fight

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She demanded words
But they never came
She couldn't believe what she heard
Nor questioned her life would be the same

Just a look across the table
And an answer unfashioned in reason
Was for them both to be able
To form an alliance of treason

And they left each other alone
Knowing each one of them had a job to do
Yet feelings are slippery worms always prone
To unsettle earth in a way no one can view

Till a day a came when they got called
To do something colleagues must
They stressed the words that seemed to fall
And they hugged barred into the realm of trust

Then one took the report and gave it color
A shade she chose to give it to without partners
But the report came back to the other
Report's makeover revenge simmered smarter

Then each alone fought for the boss's consent
And each alone claimed deception and innocence
The boss herself couldn't figure out which one was innocent
And so ignored them both hoping this itself would dismiss

And so I wasn't there but I've been told
That they met each other in the office space
They both let vaulted vicious words unfold
And words grew louder as they stood face to face

Accusations were weapons that shot aflame
And each put the other in defensive corners
One's shield was crooked knowledge of the aim
And the other's was experience assumed without borders

Heated, no one can stop them though many have tried
Finally, the office space could contain their words no more
Wounded, each went to place they called their side
And things are now as they have never been before

A fight is a fight, with words or any other means
But a fight with words lingers and no one claims victory
Gone are the days when honor controlled the scene
In office space, behind every enclosure there's an armory

Friday, April 6, 2018
Topic(s) of this poem: fight
Bernard F. Asuncion 06 April 2018

Ragy, such an interesting poem??????

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Kumarmani Mahakul 06 April 2018

A fight is a fight, with words or any other means and this fight provokes thought. An amazing poem is very wisely and brilliantly penned...10

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