The First Chapter Of The Book Of My Life Poem by Rehab Helmy

The First Chapter Of The Book Of My Life

Rating: 5.0

Today I 'm writing down on a new blank sheet -
the first chapter of the book of my life
this chapter is to remind me whenever I read of the new life of mine
once, I heard a man crying in pain
praying and asking You for forgiveness
I was touched deep inside by the simple words he used
I told myself: 'when was the last time you asked God for acceptance? '
O God, how cruel of me not asking for forgiveness before!
I know of Your mercy so here I am
forgive me God for everything
I 'm sure that You won't leave me alone in pain
because truly You said: ' pray, and I accept your prayers'
I 'm not perfect and make mistakes because I 'm only human,
so forgive me for not knowing You as well
from now on whenever I 'm in so much pain to bear or not,
I 'll just come and pray to You
knowing that You 'll give me many blessings later
even all the glorious Prophets suffered long ago
and I 'm not better than them
forgive me God if I didn't thank You for the air I take every second
forgive me if I didn't appreciate the mind You gave me-
above all other creatures
O lord, You are the One who give and never prevent -
unless it's for our good
and You are the One who inspire us to pray
How Generous You are! , giving us many blessings-
even when we don't thank You and thank others instead!
mind! this chapter 'll remind you to thank God whenever you read- before it's too late

Hazem Al Jaber 12 October 2008

so beautiful amazing dear sweet rehab.. don`t stop your heart from writing..

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Ashraful Musaddeq 01 October 2008

My 10 for this nice poem. Lovely.

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