The Girl I Used To Know Poem by Rehab Helmy

The Girl I Used To Know

Rating: 4.8

These days, you are not the girl I used to know
weren't you the one who used to tell me:
' keep smiling we have a great God '?
just tell me what happened to you?
if you don't have all what you ever wanted it's not like the end
now it's my turn to tell you:
' you 've a great God who gives and never prevents,
unless it's for your good
even a harmful thing to you may has a good thing behind'
let's say these things you 've always wanted aren't the best for you
now or later, God 'll give you better things
even better than you 've ever wanted
just be patient and come back to the girl I used to know
come with me, we 'll go pray and read the Holy Book
now, I can see how much better you are
remember these words of mine:
' whenever you pray to God and read His Holy Book,
you 'll be surrounded by Angels to protect you
until you are back someday in God's hands'
don't ever be sad, only God knows what's best for us
truly you should be proud because we have a great God who loves us

Kesav Easwaran 26 September 2008

good poem, Rehab... good words founded on stern perfect Belief...let us be god loving rather than be god fearing! 10

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Randa Ahmed 23 September 2008

...This note are coming from a sensable heart enjoying the meaning of the word...You're very pretty inside person re7ab..I love your thoughts, words and everything from you is always beautiful..thanks for being this kind, polite and warm young lady :)

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