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A Woman Needs

A woman needs

A woman needs him to listen to her
And not tolisten and talk to any one, just her

A Silent Pains

still nothing, just a silent pains...

Adorable Chocolate...

Adorable chocolate...

Afraid About You...

busy to you..

I Will Teach You...

i will teach...

i will teach your eyes...
how to miss me...

hazem al jaber Comments

Almedia Knight-Oliver 29 August 2009

your words of praise taste like honey, vibrates the entire soul, and caress the body... oh so tenderly A lucky queen! I have to rate this poem a 10

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Fida Sandouga 10 August 2009

Hello Hazem yes i love your poems and i would for to write more and wish you good luck on your future and good luck ang good wish!

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Palitha Ariyarathna 24 March 2009

pain of missing love is the pain that we are never ever forget, i love your poems and deep meaning of each word, , , ,

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Leila K 18 March 2007

Hazem, you have such a beautiful talent.... you put so well in words what you feel that it is so easy for the reader to understand and feel too.....such warmth....and inspiration

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Petra Creffield 11 January 2007

raw, honest, romantic to the hilt, the imperfections part of the charm - beautiful honest writing P

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Hazem Al Jaber 19 April 2019

love is a beautiful.... love is the reason... to keep hoping... and to keep on... a good great life... good morning... hazem al...

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A. Qezelloo 11 November 2017

your poems is very good.

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p.a. noushad 30 October 2009

amazing and devastating your poems are.

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Sigi Nuage 13 September 2009

Sweet lips... sweet poem... great writer! !

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Anna Mae B. Angana 31 August 2009

Hi Hazem :) A lovely tribute to your queen..very nice! Happy birthday to your Queen Rania! Have a nice day!

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