The Fish And The Bird

In a pond lived a lonely gold fish
With a dream that he often would wish
This dream was to fly
And soar through the sky
His ambitions no other could squish

There once was a discontent bird
With hopes that were truly absurd
She wished she could glide
And swim with the tide
And her mind could not be deterred

Saturday, March 18, 2017
Topic(s) of this poem: bird,dreams,fish
Bri Edwards 26 May 2018

a WONDERFUL poem! to MyPoemList and i plan to use it in my June 2018 showcase of PH poems, which i have submitted as a single poem title to my PH list of poems most months for the past few years. authors' names are prominently-displayed with the poems. if you have questions, please ask. thanks. i wonder why your PH poems are so few and spaced out re the times they were submitted. i REALLY enjoyed reading this. bri :)

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Georgie Hilderman 01 June 2018

Thank you BRI! As a junior in highschool, all my time is spent on school...I hope to do more poem writing this summer :)

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