Georgiana Hilderman Poems

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I Think I Have A Guardian Angel

I think I have a guardian angel
Surely it must be true
because things couldn't just happen, like they seem to do
I'm really glad he's there-

My Lighthouse

A lighthouse stands at Garden Key
Alone, unmoving beside the sea
Comfort the weary, help to the lost
Saving the lives of the tempest tossed

The Fish And The Bird

In a pond lived a lonely gold fish
With a dream that he often would wish
This dream was to fly
And soar through the sky

Always Remember To Smile

Just do your wills, and don't your won'ts
Try this not that, and these not those
Keep up with that do
Back off from that don't

Your Wonderful Imagination Land

The wonderful land of my imagination,
a land without an explanation.
This place so fun and full of glee
is my own land of fantasy.

Danse Francaise

Well into dusk, war rages this night
Many a soldier has gone to the fight
Many a soldier has died this night

The Cat And The Rat

A giant was Andre the Cat
A humongous feline at that!
He ate lots of cheese,
for him did it please

Uh Oh Spaghetti, I'm Covered In Cheese

Spaghetti, oh spaghetti is so very hard to eat
Whenever someone serves it, you just end up in defeat!
First stab it with a fork, then try to twirl it on a spoon
It is quite the tricky exercise for daily meals at noon!